What To Wear For Your Senior Photo Session in Asheville

beautiful girl standing in tall grass with the mountains in the distance at her senior photo session in Asheville

What To Wear For Your Senior Photo Session in Asheville

A stunning young girl in a blue dress standing in a field of yellow flowers during her senior photo session in Asheville

How To Dress

Dressing for your senior photo session in Asheville can feel like such a daunting task. You want to look and feel your best, but also make sure you dress for what will photograph the best. Here are some tips for dressing for your big day! My favorite looks on senior girls are dresses with a waist defining feature, jeans or jean shorts with a fitted top and lastly dramatic maxi dresses with a lot of fabric to play with. My favorite looks on senior boys are jeans and a white or gray t-shirt, a college t-shirt (if you know the college you will attend), jeans and collared shirt that is solid or has a small, simple pattern and adding in a sport coat for a dressier look. In regards to color choices neutral / earth tones always photograph the best. White, cream, ivory, gray, navy, light blue, pale pink, hunter green, mustard yellow and dark red are some of my favorites. This being said anything goes since this is an individual portrait. Typically, I tell clients to stay away from really bright, harsh neon clothing as these colors are distracting and can cause color reflections on your skin.

Clothing Items to Avoid

  • Avoid baggy tops which can add weight and bulk to your frame.
  • Avoid stiff or boxy fabric, which can crease and fold in all the wrong places.
  • Avoid clingy jersey knit fabric, which shows under garment lines.
  • Avoid dresses with no wasit defining feature
  • Avoid large screenprints and patterns. A soft vintage screen print on a t-shirt is fine or a college logo
  • t-shirt will work too.

Make Sure to Accessorize For Your Senior Photo Session In Asheville

beautiful young girl in a blue dress and hat sitting on concrete stairs

Adding accessories to your outfit such as hats and statement jewelry can add life and pop to your images. If you have a colorful necklace you love that compliments your outfit, bring it! Same with earrings. If you love wearing hats please bring a hat(s) as well. For boys if you have a baseball cap you love we can add it into a few images to create a different look. If your session is outdoors in the winter beanie caps and scarves are wonderful accessories to add into a few photos! Layering clothing is another way to add color, personality and texture to your images. Jean jackets photograph really well when layered over a shirt or dress. Kimono style cardigans also photograph well and are beautiful to layer over a simple jeans outfit. For boys, a sports coat, jean jacket or fleece hoody can be a great way to add some interest to your images. If it’s hot outside I promise you won’t have to wear it a long time. Just for a few images to create some different looks.

Location, Location, Location

Even if we don’t have your exact location nailed down at this time it’ts good to think about what you are leaning towards. Are you hoping for a bohemian style shoot in a field at sunset? Or something more urban with a city scene/ industrial look? A cute jeans outfit with converse will photograph well in the city, but might look out of place in a field. On the other hand a beautiful, flowy maxi dress will photograph well in a natural setting. Think about how your outfit choices will work with your surroundings.

A high school senior boy standing with his snow board on a mountain top outside of Asheville

A Few Final Tips for Your Senior Photo Session In Asheville

These images are all about you! Choose clothing that you are comfortable in and feel your best in! Is there a pair of shoes you love that you wear all the time? Bring them! Do you HATE wearing dresses? Don’t wear one. Is your dream to get glammed up and go over the top with a fancy dress? Lets do it! Whatever

A high school senior standing on the grounds of the biltmore estate with mountains behind her in Asheville

My Favorite Hair and Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup is a very important piece of your senior portrait session. I cannot stress enough how putting thought into this can really elevate your portraits. Even if you do not choose to have your hair and makeup professionally done please consider wearing a little more makeup than you normally would.

My favorite hair and makeup artist for your Senior Photo Session in Asheville. 



Beautiful senior girl sitting in the tall golden grass

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