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High School Senior Photographer in Asheville

Your senior year is so full of wonderful experiences and memories! One of those experiences should be your senior portrait session! As a High School Senior Photographer in Asheville I absolutely LOVE to capture this milestone. Senior portraits are special for the student as well as the parents and provide so much value to your special year.

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High School Senior Photographer in Asheville – Milestone and Memories

Senior portraits capture a significant milestone in a person’s life—the completion of high school and the transition into adulthood. They serve as a lasting memory of this important phase and are often treasured for decades. Twenty years from now looking back on your senior portraits will bring you back to a place, a time and feeling. They will be a constant reminder of all of your childhood accomplishments as well as how far you have come as an adult. As a high school senior photographer in Asheville this is my favorite thing to capture.

High School Senior Photographer in Asheville – A Wonderful Experience

I have seven years of experience as a high school senior photographer in Asheville. There is so much attention to detail that goes into each session. I get to know each of my seniors personally before we have the session so I can bring their personalities out in the images. Everything needed for the session will be provided.  Getting perfection in camera is important to me. I have off camera, studio lights that come everywhere with me so I can ensure to get the light right and bring out your best qualities. During the session I give a lot of direction so you feel confident and are NEVER left wondering what to do.

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Customization and Personalization

Each of my senior portrait sessions is tailored to the unique individual I’m photographing. I want my seniors to express their unique personalities, interests, and style through these images. These customizations  include selecting locations, outfits, props, and poses that reflect their style and vibe. Before the sessions we talk about any item they want to include in the session, what music they like, what inspires them, what colors they are drawn to, etc. This information helps me create a portrait session centered around each individual.

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High School Senior Photographer and Heirloom Prints

After each of my senior portrait sessions I will meet back in person with the senior and their family. This appointment is for an image reveal and purchasing session. During this time the family will get to view their hand-edited images on my large TV. This is also the time when the family will make selections on the printed items they would like. I have samples of each item so the quality and craftsmanship of the prints can be seen and felt. I really value the art I create for my clients so I spend the time to finish the process and deliver professional quality prints of their images within weeks of the session.

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High School Senior Photos Are So Much Fun

As a High School Senior Photographer in Asheville there is nothing I love more than capturing seniors. The experience I get to guide them through is so much fun and fills my cup just as much as theirs. I love the way this age lights up in front of the camera and how much fun we have together. I also love how much this experience means to their parents. It truly makes my heart sing.

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