How To Dress For Your Portrait Session with Asheville’s Best Family Photographer

A beautiful mom in a blue dress holding her little boy and kissing his cheek with mountains behind during her session with Asheivilles Best Family Photographer

How To Dress For Your Portrait Session with Asheville’s Best Family Photographer

A brother and sister holding hands and running together as the sun sets over the mountains behind them

Dressing a family for photos is a daunting task, and as Asheville’s Best Family Photographer ,I get it! Hopefully the following information will make it easy for your to plan your outfit choices for your photo session. Included in this guide are tips and suggestions for putting together a wardrobe that will help to create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing images. We will discuss your choices during the consultation call and I can answer any questions you have. I encourage you to think about what you will wear sooner rather than later so you have ample time to prepare.

When Deciding on Outfits Start With Color First

A family standing in the golden grass at sunset with mountains behind them near Asheville NC

The best place to start when planning outfits is to choose a color palette to work with. The colors that photograph best with my editing style are nuetrals and earth tones. Think white, cream, pale pink, earthy greens and blues, mustard yellow and dark / bold reds. Choosing colors that compliment each other such as pink and green or blue and orange can be a great starting place.

Do: Think about your location and the time of year when your photos will take place. Pastels are beautiful in the spring while bolder colors are better for summer and fall.

Don’t: Wear bright, harsh neon colors as they reflect color on your skin

Don’t: Match Exactly. Gone are the days of white shirts and jeans. Adding variety to your wardrobe willcreate interest in your images and make them pop.

Plan For Mom Next – My #1 Tip As Asheville’s Best Family Photographer

A beautiful family in formal clothing standing in Downtown Asheville at sunset

Moms usually focus on everyone else’s outfit first, but then stress about what to wear for themselves and often feel the baggier the better because it will hide what they want to hide. That is a false perception. I highly recommend dresses and maxi skirts for women. The right dress can be the most flattering on every bodyshape. Dresses with flowy fabric and defining features (such as a cinched waist) photograph beautifully. When wearing a skirt or pants look for tops and sweaters that can be tucked in or blouses with definition at the waist.

Next Plan For Dad


Men do not have as much variety as women do when it comes to clothing which makes planning their outfit a bit easier. A solid t-shirt, plaid button up or simple sweater will photograph well paired with jeans or a muted color pant.


– Large brand logos

– Overpowering patterns

– Large, loud screen prints.

Lastly, Plan For Kids

a group of siblings in formal clothing standing in front of the Biltmore House near Asheville, NC

Kids are typically the most fun to dress and have the most variety because they are not body conscious. Think of simple, timeless clothes that are not too trendy. For little girls flowy dresses that twirl and rompers are my go to. Stick to solid colors or small patterns and think about textures! For little boys keep it simple. Solid t-shirts, button ups, and sweaters with jeans or shorts are easy. Classic childhood clothing such as overalls and suspenders or rompers photograph beautifully.

Other Favorite Tip As Asheville’s Best Family Photographer – Don’t Stress!

At the end of the day you want to be comfortable and you want your kids to be comfortable! Have fun planning and playing around with colors and textures. Think about how you can bring out everyone’s personality through their clothing. If you are a client of mine we will dive much deeper into wardrobe on your consultation call. I have more tips, dos and don’ts and even a virtual styling service. As Asheville’s Best Family Photographer I believe putting thought into your wardrobe is an important part of bringing life to your images and my goal is to make it easy peasy for you!

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