I believe your images should be printed and displayed for the family to enjoy. I want your heart to skip a beat when you walk by these portraits on your wall, and mostly I want these images to bring joy to your life every single day. The images I create for you mean nothing if they sit on a hard drive getting dusty in a drawer. 

This is why I set aside time with you to review your hand edited images and help you choose artwork for your home.  It can be overwhelming to be given a gallery of 100 images and have to do it all yourself, and typically the printing never happens. I really value the art I create for you, so I spend this time to help you select the prints and products you are going to love today, and cherish forever.





Reach out through the contact form to say hello. Tell me all the good stuff like what you are hoping to capture during our time together and what your dream session would be like. In return I will send you all the information on the session experience and the investment. If you would like an initial phone conversation I'm always up for a quick chat too! 

1. Say Hello

2. the consultation

Once your session is booked, the fun part begins! First up first is your pre-session consultation. This is a 20 minute phone conversation that happens about a month before your session. We will use this time to plan the session of your dreams. We will talk through locations, wardrobe choices and stlyling. I want to learn about your heart’s most desired images and what you want to walk away with. I want to get to know all about you and your family. Basically, I want us to feel like friends walking into your session so I can create a visual story that is authentic to you. We will stay in communication in the time leading up to your session so you are never left with a question unanswered. 

This is it! The best part. The part where you get to relax and let me take care of the rest. I will guide you along so you are never left wondering where to look or stand or what to do with your hands. Each session is an hour and takes place at our chosen location. I will bring everything needed for the session so all you have to do is show up ready for some fun. I will get a mix of posed portraits and candid shots. We will play games, twirl, laugh and create something magical that will be cherished for decades to come.

3. the session

About 3-4 weeks after your session we will set aside time to meet for your purchasing appointment. The purchasing appointment takes place at my studio and gives you time to view your gallery of hand edited, artful images. You will be able to touch all of the print products I offer, and place your order. As a full service family photographer, I offer the most beautiful quality prints, heirloom photo albums, canvas and metal wall art, custom announcements and digital files. 

4. let's shoot!

This is also the best part! The part where you have beautiful, heirloom prints of the people you love most ready to display in your home. The part where you don't have to worry about setting time aside to print your images or research where to print because it's already done. All prints ordered will be ready in 3 weeks and digital files purchased will be available the same day. 

5. your photographs

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heirloom artwork of your loved ones • priceless

The details
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The  price of every session includes: 
  • A detailed clothing guide and access to my styling service, Style and Select
  • A pre-shoot consultation to plan the session of your dreams
  • Hand editing of each image in your gallery
  • A private appointment (3 weeks after the session) to view your photos and place your heirloom print and product order.

Sessions start at $1075 Please inquire for detailed pricing

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