Fall Family Photos in Asheville, NC

A mom stands in brillitant sunlight holding her baby daughter with mountains in the distance.

Fall Family Photos in Asheville, NC

A family stands in front of the mountains during their fall family photos in ASheville NC

As an Asheville family portrait photographer with a focus on connection and beautiful light there is nothing that excites me more than a session with both!  I am so excited to share this fall family photo session in Asheville NC. We had the most picturesque fall day with brilliant color and sunshine.  The family was traveling to Asheville to see the fall colors and wanted some mountains as well as fall color in their photos.  Their outfits complimented the landscape perfectly.

The Best Location for Fall Family Photos

The best location for fall family photos in Asheville is one that displays the beautiful colors we are so lucky to have. The other element which adds beautiful depth and dimension is the mountains in the distance.  I also love how the blues of the mountains compliment the colors of the leaves and grass. This location featured both elements and we were able to capture it all in one place. The icing on the cake at this location was the tall yellowing grass. I love how the grass adds a beautiful texture to the foreground and background of the images.

A mom snuggles her son with mountains in the distance during a beautiful sunset.

Planning Your Family’s Outfits

Outfits are a key part in making your family photos have life pizazz. I always tell families to start with a color palette that compliments the colors found in nature. This time of year the best color palette is muted earth tones like bold yellow, dark red, burnt orange and hunter green. Next bring in neutrals to compliment your earth tones. Some of my favorite neutral colors are cream, gray and navy blue. Adding in varying small prints on clothes and different textures in fabrics will also help bring life to your portraits. Avoid matching exactly which can make your images look flight and lifeless. Lastly, have fun! I understand the stress involved with planning outfits for a family, but take some time to enjoy the process of brining out your family’s personality in each outfit. As a bonus, clients get access to my styling service, Style and Select.

A family walks toward the sunset with mountains in the distance near Asheville NC

The Best Time of Day for Fall Family Photos in Asheville, NC

I always urge my clients to choose the golden hour for their fall family photo sessions. When the sun is low to the Horizon the highlights and shadows in the environment are less harsh. The shadows on you and your family will be less harsh as well. Sunset also provides that golden light that will compliment the colors in the leaves and be harmonious with the golden colors in the grass. On a final note sunset provides the sparkly backlight that makes photos magical and breathtaking.

If you are considering  fall family photos in Asheville, NC I urge you to think about all of the elements above. Putting thought and intention into your location, outfits and time of day will make sure you have the results you are looking for. Furthermore, enjoy your family and have fun during the process… that is the most important!

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