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A little girl as a mermaid with a pink tail sits on the beach with turquoise water washing over her and her mermaid treasures sitting beside her.

The Enchanting World of Imagination Sessions with an Asheville Children’s Photographer

a little boy rolls his cars down a wooly mamoth's back during his park picnic.

As an Asheville Children’s Photographer and one of my favorite types of sessions are Imagination Sessions. Imagination sessions combine creativity, and technical skills to create captivating and whimsical images. These amazing sessions take children on extraordinary adventures by seamlessly blending real-life photographs with fantastical elements. Through my lens, a child’s dreams come to life. In this blog post, I will delve into the world of the children’s imagination sessions I offer including the process, final result and wonders it brings to young hearts and minds.

The Art of Composite Photography

Composite photography involves the process of combining multiple images into a cohesive, visually stunning piece. In the context of children’s imagination sessions, this technique allows the me to craft intricate scenes by blending various elements together. I use software like photoshop merges elements like children, animals, landscapes, and props. The result is an extraordinary tale captured in a single frame. Each photograph becomes an enchanting piece of artwork treasured by the child and their family. I have been using photoshop for over twenty years and truly love the magic that can be created. 

A fantastical image of a little girl standing on suitcases and painting her pet unicorn created by an Asheville Childrens Photographer.

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Firing Imagination and Encouraging Creativity

Imagination sessions begin with a “consultation.” I want to get to know the child I’m photographing. We will talk through characters, stories, colors and books they love. I want to hear their hopes and dreams, what excites them and who they want to be. Who do they look up to? Who do they admire? Learning all about them is so fun and important to the process.  Children can envision themselves as fearless adventurers, brave knights, or magical beings and we can bring it to life. Imagination sessions are best for children who are between the ages of 3 to 10 when those imaginations are flourishing! 

A little boy in blue shorts stands in a sunlight jungle with his jungle animal friends all around.

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem

One of the most beautiful aspects of imagination sessions is the boost to a child’s confidence and self-esteem. These photographs provide children with visual evidence that they can be anything they imagine. Seeing themselves as protagonists in epic stories can have a profound impact on a child’s perception of themselves and their capabilities. The children are also involved in the planning process and get to help bring their vision to life. Children love nothing more than helping, planning and participating. This process fills their cups to the brim in so many ways. My goal is to create an experience they will remember for a life time. 

a little girl cartwheels on the roof of a house as the sunsets behind her and birds fly above her.

Creating Lasting Memories – The Experience with Your Asheville Children’s Photographer

Imagination Sessions create extraordinary memories for both children and their families. Participating in a photoshoot, donning costumes, and venturing into a world of make-believe is such a fun experience. The session takes place in my private studio in a relaxed enviornment with plenty of snacks, water and coffee. We do not have to worry about the elements outside. Any special lighting can be created and controlled through my studio lights. There is a changing room and lots of space to spread out. I will have everything ready when you arrive so we can start the fun. The process is relaxing and enjoyable!

a little boy on a toy rocking horse in a field waves his hat at a horse who is rearing up in a fantastical image created by an Asheville Children's Photographer

A Treasured Keepsake from your Asheville Children’s Photographer

The resulting photographs become treasured keepsakes forever preserving a sense of wonder and imagination. After the session you will walk away with an heirloom print of the composited image as well as six digital images of your child from their studio portrait session. As an Asheville Children’s Photographer I would love the chance to create a magical image for you and your child to treasure for years to come. 

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