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A newborn baby girl with a cream bonnet laying under a cream blanket and sleeping peacefully

Why you should consider an Asheville Studio Newborn Photographer

As an Asheville Studio Newborn Photographer I wanted to take a little time to talk through why having your newborn’s portraits taken in a studio is the best option. In home newborn photography has gained in popularity over the past 5-8 years,  but I strongly encourage my clients to consider the studio for their newborn portraits. Studios portraits offer so many advantages for you as well as the safety of your new baby.

A newborn baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket with a pink headband and sleeping

A Relaxed Studio Environment with An Asheville Studio Newborn Photographer

A studio provides a controlled and predictable environment for capturing newborn portraits. The lighting, temperature, and other conditions will be set with the comfort and safety of your baby in mind. This controlled environment helps create consistent and high-quality images. As a photographer I am most comfortable photographing newborns in my studio space where I know my footing, angles and lighting. This comfort allows me to do my best when photographing.

A Professional Setup

For all of my studio sessions I have the studio prepped and ready to go when you arrive. The posing area, props, lights, etc. are ready to go when you arrive. This means you are getting the most of your time with me. I will have the temperature already set at the proper temp for newborn images. The best part is that all you have to do is show up and let me take care of the rest. In home sessions require a lot more prep on the mom’s end, and after having a baby I want moms to feel relaxed and pampered and not scrambling to make their home presentable.

A newborn baby girl with a yellow headband sleeps while surrounded by tulips during her portrait session with An Asheville Studio Newborn Photogapher

Variety of Props and Accessories

The studio has a variety of props, accessories, and backdrops available for your newborn portraits. There is only a limited amount of items I can bring with me to in home sessions which will limit the creativity of your newborn images. It also means I have everything at my finger tips to create unique and one of kind images for you.

Distraction-Free Environment

Studios provide a controlled environment that minimizes distractions. Typically, during a studio session we will start with the family images so the family. Often dad will take any older siblings leave while myself and mom focus on baby’s images. This means older siblings aren’t stuck at the entire session and do not have to tip toe around and be quiet while we are getting those adorable posed images of the newborn.

A newborn baby girl wrapped in a dark pink and purple blanket with a pink headband on.

Comfort and Safety

The studio is set up with the necessary amenities to accommodate newborns and their parents. I have a comfortable sitting area, a private changing room w/ a changing table for baby and a comfortable space for nursing, a restroom, and a snack area. You can spread out and make yourself at home. The studio space as well as my props and accessories are sanitized between each session. The safety and health of the baby are always first!

Asheville Studio Newborn Photographer

In home newborn portraits are wonderful and can offer so beautiful, intimate images. If you are expecting I encourage you to look into an Asheville studio newborn photographer as well. I guarantee the result of the images will still take your breath away and you will be able to relax and enjoy the moment.

A newborn baby girl wrapped in a pale pink blanket and sleeping with her hands under her cheeks during her portrait session with an Asheville Studio Newborn Photographer

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