My Focus On Printing as an Asheville Portrait Photographer

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In today’s digital age, it’s easy to forget the importance of printing portraits. With smartphones and social media, we take more photos than ever before, but most of them never make it off the screen. However, printing portraits remains an important way to preserve memories, connect with loved ones, and celebrate the people we care about. As an Asheville Portrait Photographer I’m sharing with you why I value printed images and take care of printing for my clients.

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Why I focus on printing as an Asheville Portrait Photographer

First and foremost, printing portraits allows us to preserve memories in a tangible way. While digital photos are convenient, they can easily be lost or deleted and more often then not they sit in the cloud or on a hard drive and never see the light of day. In contrast, printed photos can be held in our hands, displayed on walls or in albums, and passed down through generations. These physical prints become family heirlooms and treasured possessions that we can look back on for years to come. There are various studies that show that children seeing themselves in a  portrait boosts their self esteem and self value.

Image of a mother and daughter in the mountains printed and framed and hanging in a living room.

Creating Connections

Printing portraits also allows us to connect with loved ones. When we print photos, we can share them with family and friends in a way that goes beyond a social media post or text message. We can give them as gifts, hang them in our homes, or even create photo books that tell a story. These physical prints become a shared experience that brings people together and strengthens relationships.

a framed heirloom print of a family sitting on a large tree at sunset.

Expressions of Love and Value

Finally, printing portraits is a way to celebrate the people we care about. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or partner, printing a portrait is a way to honor and appreciate them. We can capture their unique personality, character, and beauty in a way that digital photos can’t quite replicate. A printed portrait is a tangible expression of love and admiration that we can give to the people who matter most to us. There are various studies that show that when children see themselves in a printed portrait it boosts their self esteem and self value. Furthermore it gives them a since of security and belonging. Lastly, why go through the trouble of having family portraits taken if they will only ever live in a folder on your computer never to see the light of day!

An heirloom photo album displayed on a wooden coffee table with flowers

My favorite types of heirloom prints as an Asheville Portrait Photographer

In conclusion, while digital photos have their place, printing portraits is still an essential way to preserve memories, connect with loved ones, and celebrate the people we care about. My most favorite type of printed images is in an heirloom albums or book. My kids constantly flip through our wedding album and the albums I have created for them over the years. These books and albums sit out in our living room so they can access and “read” them anytime. If we did not have these books and albums my children would rarely see our wedding photos, or photos of them as they grow through the years.

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