Artistic Family Photos in Asheville, NC

A mom and her two kids snuggle on a blanket in the middle of a flower garden. They are smiling and happy. They are getting artful family photos in Asheville NC

Artistic Family Photos in Asheville, NC

A beautiful, young girl stands in tall grass at sunset with mountains behind her

Your Family Photos Should Be Artistic Works of Art

You deserve to have artistic family photos in Asheville NC. I believe the thing that sets me apart from many other family photographers is that I am an artist at heart. I always have been. My goal as a child was to be an artist in some capacity when I grew up. At first I thought an architect, then I thought an illustrator, next it was an animator for Disney which is what I eventually went to school for. Through my childhood dreams and 2 college degrees in art and design I have a really solid artistic foundation which is infused in every bit of my photography.  In this article I am sharing the steps I take to create artistic and meaningful images for your family.

A mom and daughter wearing beautiful white dresses snuggle and smile as the golden sun sets behind them.

Capturing Artistic Family Photos in Asheville NC with Color Theory

Color is one of the most important factors of any piece of art and effects the overall aesthetic of the image. As we plan your artistic family photo session in Asheville we will have a consultation before to talk all about your wardrobe and color choices so the images have aesthetic flow. Do you want the images to match a room in your home? Do you have a story to tell in which the colors you are wearing help to convey? How do the colors you are wearing tie in with the location? All of these these thoughts go into creating the perfect color palette for your family photos.

A mom, dad, son and daughter hold hands and walk along a mountain top as the sun sets behind them while getting artistic photos in Asheville, NC

Thoughtful and Beautiful Compositions

The composition of an image also plays a big role in having artistic images. Before each shutter click I have thoughtfully composed your image in my camera view finder. I look for environmental elements that will enhance your portraits and “pose” your family within them. Sometimes this is beautiful tall grass in the foreground to create layers. Other times this is a a large tree branch that frames your family. While you are having fun and enjoying your family during the session I am thoughtfully framing and planning each image for the most artistic outcome.

Artistic Family Photos Need Authentic Emotion

There is so much conveyed through emotion in portraits. For artistic family photos I want that emotion to be authentic to you and your loved ones. A big joyful laugh, a cuddle, a peaceful moment of connection are all part of what makes your images artistic. Most people do not feel comfortable being authentic in front of the camera. This is why I get to know you and your family before the session, and guide you every step of the way. I will give you prompts to have you interact with your loved ones that will bring out those natural smiles. Sometimes the prompts feel super silly which elicits natural laughing and joy. Sometimes its a quite snuggle with a child laying in mom’s lap. We will play games, sing songs, dance, be silly and do all of the things to capture those magical little authentic moments of your images.

A family walks in a field of tall grass holding hands as the sunsets in an orange sky behind them. Artful Family Photos in Asheville, NC

You Deserve Beautiful Family Photos

If you are looking for artistic family photos in Asheville, NC please take the above ideas into consideration as you look for a photographer. Do you want a session where someone shows up and takes some photos, slaps a filter on them and returns them to you? Or do you want a session where someone takes the time to get to know you and your family, learns your desired outcomes, thoughtfully plans each image and returns breathtaking images you are proud of? I think with all the effort that goes into family photos the latter is the best choice! My goal is for my clients to images that stir their soul. I want them to have whimsical, magical and artistic images to display in their homes and make their heart beat every time they see them.

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