“I regret having photos with my children.” – said no mom ever

It happens all too often… mom is always the one behind the camera. She is the one who documents the big and little moments of her children and family (unless you’re my brother in law who is really awesome at documenting his wife and daughter). Anyway, as a result the amount of images with mom and her children is scarce and the next thing you know the kids are off to college. I’m a photographer and I struggle with this too! My baby is 15 months and I think I have two photos with him and myself from his first year. It breaks my heart and I vow to do better this year. This is the reason I love to devote a day every year to photos of mommas their little (or big) ones. My mommy and me sessions are coming up just in time for Mother’s Day and I am sooooo excited to create some magical images.

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These sessions will take place at Our Asheville Studio which is one of my favorite indoor places to photograph. Each momma will have the studio to herself for a private session with her babies. We will do a pre-shoot consultation because each person is different and desires a different outcome for their shoot. I want to learn how YOU want to be photographed. I am also opening up my client closet for these sessions which I usually reserve for my Classic sessions. I have some gorgeous gowns for mommas and sweet dresses and rompers for littles.

My goal during the session is to focus on the little moments, the snuggles, the silliness and the connection. I will get a few posed photos of everyone looking at the camera and and smiling and the rest will authentic interaction. I want the personality of your little ones and their giant love for their momma to come through. We will have fun and dance and let the story unfold.

The Mommy and Me sessions are taking place on March 21st between 9:30am and 12pm. Each session comes with 15 edited and curated digital images with a print release. If you’re interested in reserving a time for a mommy and me session click here. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!


I am so excited to share another photographer with you this week. Her name is Jillian Faulkner and she is a Calgary portrait photographer. Her blog this week is all about giving back to women with infertility. This is something I am all too familiar with. Please go check out her story.

Valerie Eidson is an Asheville family photographer specializing in children, newborns and families.

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